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    HELLO!!)) My name's Makar, it's nice to meet you))<br />My standards on girls are really high)) *laughing*<br />The say that I'm strange, funny, kind, interesting, open-minded, talkative, smart, outgoing, moody, aristocratic, handsome,UNIQUE guy.For now I may seem like an average 18-year old High School Student, BUT I have Grand plans on becoming very rich, successful and well-known in future and moving to live to USA!!! well... and sometimes visiting The Land of The Rising Sun))^-^ I like achieving goals, hanging out with my friends, watching anime, singing, listening to music, meeting new people, travelling, eating out, exploring and discovering new things to me, changes and everything new, talking about interests, life, music, GIRLS, etc. I hate having to get up early, oversleeping, talking with morons...I want to make friends all over the world, find people I could enjoy time chatting. Find a travel partner and so on...I dare you to write to me! ^)

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    Makar M.
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    High School Student
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